Amazing Technology to Help Improve Our Healthcare System

Healthcare is being revolutionized by the technology boosts of the last few years. Medical practices once kept endless amounts of patient records and files in a basement, now they can be stored on a virtual computer somewhere in the World. Practices can now access patient information from anywhere within a Hospital or even at home through revolutionary electronic medical record technology. In this article we will examine some other technologies that are changing the industry today.

One of the first medical breakthroughs for technology came from software created specifically for the iPhone. This software can now sync with medical technology and provide up to date patient information directly to a doctor’s phone. While some people may be scared about this new technology and have the fear information could be stolen. They can rest assured that most of the applications and platforms are fully encrypted and provide maximum patient security. This new technology will better allow Doctors, physician assistants, and nurses to better track patient care.

The last bit of technology I wanted to talk about was storing patient information in what is called the cloud. This means that vital information is now stored on a secure server somewhere in the World. The information is no longer stored on a specific server or computer within the Doctors office. This allows for both secure backup and access from any secure computer. If the information is hosted on a different server not at your office it will be free from any disasters that might occur. Like I said before the information can also be accessed from a variety of sources including cell phones, computers, netbooks, and laptops.

In conclusion technology can be an amazing driving for in increasing the effectiveness of our healthcare system. However, we must always ensure that our new systems are both secure and beneficial. If you have any questions about technology within the health care field I would look up electronic medical record in Google and begin reading about that amazing technology. You can also feel free to ask your local Doctor about what system they use to ensure your privacy and best care.

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